Change the World, One Word at a Time

Using Decision Making to help your ADHD child make better decisons

Children with ADHD are impulsive and make decisions without thinking through all the outcomes. Using

When ADHD Co-Occurs with Cerebral Palsy

The surprising connection with Cerebral Palsy and ADHD. Guest blog post from Alex Dias-Granados from

Is it ADHD?
22 Apr 2016

How to know if your hyper or active child has ADHD.

ADHD series part IX: Raising an ADHD generation

Our current society is the perfect breeding ground for rampant ADHD growth.  What parents can

ADHD series part VIII: your inattentive child lost in the crowd

ADHD Inattentive Type children often go un-diagnosed and untreated for years.  Learn the signs

ADHD series part VII: improve ADHD by understanding emotional intelligence

In order to increase a child’s focus and attention their emotional intelligence must improve.

ADHD series part VI: exercise-the other medication for ADHD

Having your child exercise each morning will increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels in their

ADHD Series Part V: “What are you eating?” The ADHD/food connection

For years, ADHD professionals and doctors alike have suggested that certain foods may trigger

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