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Does my child have ADHD? 5 things to know about ADHD

Parents may wonder if their child has ADHD. 5 things to know about ADHD and what ADHD diagnosis

Using Decision Making to help your ADHD child make better decisons

Children with ADHD are impulsive and make decisions without thinking through all the outcomes. Using

When ADHD Co-Occurs with Cerebral Palsy

The surprising connection with Cerebral Palsy and ADHD. Guest blog post from Alex Dias-Granados from

Is it ADHD?
22 Apr 2016

How to know if your hyper or active child has ADHD.

ADHD series part IX: Raising an ADHD generation

Our current society is the perfect breeding ground for rampant ADHD growth.  What parents can

ADHD series part VIII: your inattentive child lost in the crowd

ADHD Inattentive Type children often go un-diagnosed and untreated for years.  Learn the signs

ADHD series part VII: improve ADHD by understanding emotional intelligence

In order to increase a child’s focus and attention their emotional intelligence must improve.

ADHD series part VI: exercise-the other medication for ADHD

Having your child exercise each morning will increase dopamine and norepinephrine levels in their

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