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ADHD Series Part V: “What are you eating?” The ADHD/food connection

For years, ADHD professionals and doctors alike have suggested that certain foods may trigger

ADHD series part IV-Preventive Teaching and intrinsic motivation

Children with ADHD can have “warm fuzzy” moments too and when they do it’s

5 ways to help your ADHD child calm down

Your child is overstimulated and needs help calming down, but how? This post shares five great ways

ADHD series part III: an ADHD treatment regimen that works

Without a form of treatment, ADHD can cause several behavioral problems at school and in the home.

ADHD series part II: helping parents understand the ADHD diagnosis

There are 3 sub types to ADHD.  Inattentive Type, Hyperactive-Impulsive Type, and Combined

ADHD series part I: buckle up-an intro to ADHD

Everyone has ADHD…sometimes.  No worries, this is normal. So how do you know if

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