Change the World, One Word at a Time

Using Role-playing to help your Autistic child’s development

Children with Autism struggle experiencing new situations. Preparing them beforehand with

Using words to describe behavior to help autistic child

Autistic children see things in black and white and don’t understand vague language. Using

Does my child have Autism? Signs of Autism in Children

Understanding the signs of Autism in children allows you to get the help your child needs.

Using Effective Communication to connect with your Autistic child

Effective Communication can reach children that may be hard to reach.

Free printable: routine charts for Autism

Routines charts make the day easier for children with Autism (ASD).

Specific diagnosis? We can help. Coming soon!

Helping parents understand diagnosis and the best treatment options. Informing parents so they can

Autism Series part X: Creating the right treatment plan for your child

You’ve read all the books, talked with professionals, and shared ideas with other ASD parents.

Autism Series Part IX: Reaching through the barriers of Autism with communication

Most individuals with ASD struggle with communication.  Learn how to change your language to

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