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Autism Series Part VIII: treating Autism with therapy pets

Man’s Best Friend: The argument for therapy pets is a strong one and it’s getting

Autism Series Part VI: “Her Excellency” the routine

Creating a fun, structured, daily routine makes your home manageable and more enjoyable.

Autism Series Part V: Sometimes kids just blow up!

What may seem like unprovoked, out-of-nowhere melt downs can often be prevented.  Learn how to

Autism series part IV: 4 ways to treat Autism with medication and natural supplements

Medication and natural supplements have proven to be helpful in treating the symptoms associated

Autism Series Part III: How to choose an ASD treatment option for your child

A thorough review of professional treatment options for children with ASD, including Applied

Autism series part II: What to expect after an official ASD diagnosis

Your child has just been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  You’re asking yourself

Autism series part I: Demystifying the Autism diagnosis

Have you recently had a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder?  Smarter Parenting is

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