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Preventing behavior problems with positive behavior management

Having a behavior plan in place prevents behavior problems.

5 things you should never say to your child

What we say to our children has a huge impact. Avoid saying these 5 things that can cause damage to

Improving school performance with Effective Praise

If your child is struggling in school, use Effective Praise instead of criticism.

Real parents share their journey: Leslee

Leslee shares her families journey learning the skill of Effective Praise.

The power of praise
13 Apr 2017

Praise changes behavior and is the most powerful weapon you have to improve your child and build

Failed parenting strategies for millennial’s: Simon Sinek is partially wrong

Addressing Simon Sinek’s “failed parenting strategy” theory.

5 reasons why you should use the skill of Effective Praise

There is some really good reasons to use the skill of Effective Praise

How to use the steps of Effective Praise

Using the steps of Effective Praise can be hard at the beginning, but once you have it down

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