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How I’ve made Following Instructions work with toddlers

Here are a few tips for simplifying this skill to work for your little ones

Easy Peach Cobbler
01 Jul 2016

This easy peach cobbler is the perfect summer desert. Don’t forget the vanilla ice cream.

How to make Gak: a Follow Instructions activity

This gak is simple to make but will provide hours of entertainment.

How to teach your children Following Instructions

Following Instructions may be one of the best things you can teach your children,

Shaving cream artwork: A Following Instructions activity

Your kids will love making a mess with this cool project.

Using games and activities to teach Following Instructions

Games and activities are the perfect way to teach your children to follow instructions.

DIY nebula: a Following Instructions activity

An activity that is out of the world.

Making playdough: A Following Instructions activity

Your kids will love Following Instructions when playdough is involved. Two simple and easy recipes

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