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Pokémon Go: What parents need to know

What is Pokémon Go and how can parents keep their children safe.

Chore Monster: a review for parents

Chore tracker for parents digitally. Easy to use.

What is Allowance Bot?

Keep track of allowance on your phone. An easy app to use.

Kids Eat Free! App for Parents

Kids eat free? Save money when going out to eat! Parents will want to get this app.

What is Tinder?
11 Apr 2016

A review for parents about Tinder. A way for people to connect.

What is Tumblr?
04 Apr 2016

What parent’s should know about Tumblr and how it works.

What is the Calculator Vault App? Dangers for Parents

Looks like a calculator but it’s not. It’s a “Vault” app and parents know

What is WhatsApp? An app review for parents

WhatsApp? Your kids—they’re using this App. What parents should know.

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Page 1 of 4 pages