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What is Vent? An app review for parents

Parent review of Vent Application and possible concerns for self-harm and suicidal reports.

What is Snapchat? An app review for parents

Snapchat app review and caution for parents.

What is Yik Yak? An app review for parents

Yik Yak review and cautions for parents.

What is Whisper? An app review for parents

A review of the social media app Whisper. Parents beware.

Parent Bullying: Update Information

Update to a previous blog post regarding the story of Izabel Laxamana.

Review of Grindr (Social Media)

Parent safety review for Grindr, the social media application.

Parent Bullying: A Double Standard

Parent discipline tactics can be Cyber Bullying even though parents may feel they are doing what is

Instagram Post to Pornography

Images are not safe on Instagram and parents should be aware.

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Page 4 of 4 pages