Change the World, One Word at a Time

Talking about abuse using Preventive Teaching

Abuse can happen. Help your children know what it is and how to report it.

My child freaks out over new experiences. Why?

Most children don’t like change, but there are children that REALLY don’t like change.

The positive opposite of bad behavior

Don’t focus on the negative behavior, focus on the positive opposite.

A child’s brain needs experience, not just information

Children learn far more from experiential learning than simply consuming information.

How to get your children to really clean their room

How Preventive Teaching can help you get your children to clean their room.

Using Preventive Teaching to talk with your children about national tragedies

How to use the skill of Preventive Teaching to talk to your children about national tragedies.

Free download: We can play doorsign

Use our We Can/Can’t Play sign to make the back-to-school transition easier.

Preventive Teaching: 3 Quick Tips

Trying to resolve a problem behavior? Give in or change it early. Learn how to address it early on.