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We Are A Team of Passionate Professionals & Parents

Smarter Parenting is a community of Professionals and Parents who have a passion for helping children. Our mission is to make these proven parenting techniques available to the world to improve the lives of children and families everywhere. Smarter Parenting is funded by the generosity of donations. You can make a difference in the lives to children and families by making a donation. We still need to complete five video lessons and to continue our work on this website. We have been privileged to make connections with various agencies and entities also working with children and families. These have included: Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), PM Pediatrics, Physicians around the Salt Lake Valley, Refugees communities in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Department of Health Disparities in Utah, School Districts in Utah as well guest bloggers and writers from around the country. Smarter Parenting has provided online help to people all over the world as well as visiting places and families face-to-face to teach these skills.

The Teaching-Family Model

The Skills and Lessons on Smarter Parenting come from the Teaching-Family Model. The Model is an "evidenced based" program that has been proven to change and improve behaviors in children and families. Smarter Parenting joins other programs and professionals who use this Model as a way to improve the lives of people around the world.

The Future and Development of Smarter Parenting

Currently we are working on completing the remaining lessons. We have five more to complete. We are also working to complete more information and support for the section with specific issues. These includes keeping updated and relevant information in the sections on Autism, ADHD, Depression, etc. to help parents who may be working with children with these issues.

How Can You Help?

There are a few ways to help us. First, register with us so you are part of our email list. Second, donate and support us. Smarter Parenting exists on donations. Give a one time gift or a small amount every month. Everything counts. You can access our donation page at the top of the website. Every little bit counts. Third, share our content with others via email, social media or word of mouth. Fourth, share with us your suggestions, stories, thoughts and experiences. We want to create a community where parents can share their experiences and suggestions to help each other improve. Tell us your story.

This website contains videos of parenting skills, examples of how to implement the skills, printouts, handouts, worksheets and suggestions on how to teach them to your children. We always welcome feedback and comments. Please create a account with us or register to receive updates on new materials we are working on and creating.

We invite you to join us and become part of our community. We hope to help families around the world fulfill their most important work, that of raising their children.

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