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5 reasons why you should use the skill of Effective Praise

5 reasons why you should use the skill of Effective Praise

Lately praise has gotten a little bit of a bad rap. The internet is full of numerous articles enumerating all the ways praising our children will ruin them and create an entitled generation. Studies have shown that when you offer a child insincere praise, it actually may harm your child’s self-esteem as they are more likely to doubt what they are hearing.

While we agree that general, non-specific praise has the potential to do more harm than good, using Effective Praise on the other hand is life changing! No, that’s not a statement we make lightly, but we 100% stand by it! How? Because over the last 50 years, hundreds of parents and care workers have used the skill of Effective Praise on some of the most difficult children and those children have been completely changed!

Are you thinking, “sounds like a good idea, but does it really work?” Let us tell you that it does. Over the last 50 years, hundreds of specialists have used Effective Praise on some of the most difficult child and we have seen time and time again these children’s behavior change for the better. We believe beyond a doubt that praise can be powerful—when it is done correctly. That is why we believe praise needs to be specific, focused on their effort, and for things they have the ability to change. In essence, it needs to follow the steps of Effective Praise.

How do you give praise effectively? Well, you just need to watch our new Effective Praise video to learn the steps that

Why should you Effective Praise your child? Here are 5 really good reasons.

Using Effective Praise, you offering specifics as to why they earned the praise, you are praising their efforts, and, most importantly, you are focusing on the positives rather than the negatives.

Children, especially young children, thrive on praise

Children want their parent’s approval. Effective Praise is one of the ways a child knows they have it and what behavior they need to do again to receive the praise. Think about it. That knowledge is a game changer! Want your children to unload the dishwasher? Always praise them when they do it (even if it’s not 100% perfect) and they’ll continue to unload it so they can get your praise.

Effective Praise encourage children to change and grow

Part of being a child is learning how to deal with situations and grow. When a parent only focuses on the negative outcome of this procedure, it makes the child less likely to attempt the task in the future. Studies have shown that children who are given praise are more likely to tackle challenging tasks and work at them for longer until they find a solution.

Reduces criticism

For most of us, offering praising in heat of the moment isn’t natural. Criticism on the other hand seems so much simpler and easier. The problem with offering constant criticism is that our children become to believe that something is wrong with them. This dangerous viewpoint can eventually lead to lack of self confidence, over sensitivity, and development of emotional wounds.

Diffuses situations

We think that criticism will stop the situation. At times, it may, but often it makes the situation worse. Have you noticed that yelling or criticizing snowballs starts it just kind of snowballs and all of the sudden you’re criticizing your children for things you normally wouldn’t. Effective Praise keeps the snowball from growing out of control. Because praising in difficult situations isn’t natural for us, doing so means that we have to take a In the heat of the moment, it’s easier to offer criticism.

Increases love

Of all the things Effective Praise does for you family, we think this is probably the best. What parent doesn’t want their to be more love in their families