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50 ways to serve mom

50 ways to serve mom

It’s not until we become a mom do we fully understand the sacrifices our mother made for us. All those late nights comforting us during nightmares and bouts of illness. All those thankless hours doing laundry, and cleaning the bathrooms, and shuttling us from one various activity to another. And lets not forget about all the time spent making meals that we just complained about.

It’s those sacrifices that make us who we are today. It’s the mom that went without so we could have dance lessons or play a sport. It’s the mom who worked two jobs but still found time to help us with our homework. It’s the mom who supported us when our dreams seemed out of reach. It’s the mom who loved us.

This Mother’s Day, isn’t it time we served the mom who made so many sacrifices for us? This Mother’s Day instead of giving her a gift that she probably really doesn’t want, give her the gift of service—clean her car, write her a heartfelt note, don’t complain.

You mom may not remember the material gifts you give her, she will remember that time you showed up to clean her fridge. Here are 50 ways to serve mom this Mother’s Day (and hopefully all year).

We know it can be hard to come up with ways to serve mom, so here are our 50 favorite. If you’ve got a great way you serve mom, we’d love to hear it!


50 ways to serve mom

  1. Make her breakfast
  2. Bake her favorite dessert
  3. Pack her a lunch with a cute note
  4. Make dinner
  5. Fold laundry
  6. Call her—just because
  7. Ask her questions about her childhood
  8. Ask her advice
  9. Leave her a note
  10. Tell her you love her
  11. Tell her you’re thankful for her
  12. Paint her a picture (and put it on the fridge)
  13. Take her to lunch
  14. Fulfill a wish
  15. Tell her she looks nice
  16. Write down a favorite memory
  17. Take a nice picture of the two of you
  18. Help her with a big event
  19. Take her on a date
  20. Send her a funny text
  21. Tell her she’s doing a good job
  22. Send her to the movies
  23. Take her to a concert
  24. Hold down the fort so she can take a nap
  25. Buy her that one thing she won’t buy for herself
  26. Scan old photos so she has digital copies
  27. Teach her how to use social media
  28. Be the chauffeur
  29. Have a spa night
  30. Make her your plus one at a work event
  31. Tell a joke to make her laugh
  32. Take her on a drive
  33. Encourage her to do something she’s always wanted
  34. Write her a letter
  35. Clean out the fridge
  36. Clean the toilets
  37. Do the dishes
  38. Wash the windows
  39. Wash her car
  40. Wash the carpets
  41. Weed the garden
  42. Clean the cupboards
  43. Dust the moldings
  44. Surprise her with a visit
  45. Take her donations to charity
  46. Run an errand for her
  47. Paint her nails
  48. Give her a massage
  49. Send her flowers
  50. Go on a walk with her


We’d love to hear how you served your mother! Use the hashtag #MomTaughtMe to share your story. Visit SmarterParenting.com/Mothersday for additional Mother’s day resources