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We have been privileged to make connections with various agencies and entities also working with children and families. These have included: Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), PM Pediatrics, physicians around the Salt Lake Valley, refugees communities in Salt Lake City, Utah, The Department of Health Disparities in Utah, School districts in Utah as well guest bloggers and writers from around the country. Smarter Parenting has provided online help to people all over the world as well as teaching these skills to families face-to-face.

Siope Kinikini, CMHC

Siope Kinikini, CMHC

Director of Smarter Parenting

Siope is a licensed mental health counselor who has worked with children and families for over 17 years. Siope’s work has involved working with clients from many different cultural backgrounds. Fluent in English, Spanish, Tongan, and American Sign Language, he has been able to help various families improve relationships and address issues. Siope’s initial work was with children suffering from trauma and sexual abuse.

Siope is a father and enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys music and plays various instruments. He also enjoys photography and learning about technology.

Amy Lund

Amy Lund

Associate Director of Smarter Parenting

Amy is educated in the Teaching-Family Model and uses it to raises three young children. Amy is well read having worked in the publishing industry for years. Amy’s talented approach to design, presentation, online education, keyword research and internet trends has made her an invaluable member of the Smarter Parenting team.

Amy enjoys watching her children grow. She also enjoys photography, traveling and expressing herself in creative ways.

Kimber Peterson, MSW

Kimber Peterson, MSW

Parenting Coach

Kimber loves working with parents on improving their family dynamics. Kimber has worked with many families over the years, she’s been a behavioral treatment provider, a foster parent, a community advocate, and a professional skills trainer. In these many roles Kimber has consistently seen the difference and impact that solid, scientifically-supported skills can make. Kimber is one of the hosts of the ADHD Smarter Parenting Podcast and loves to tell stories about the kid’s she’s helped raise and about her own experience as a mother to toddlers. Kimber’s favorite part of being on the Smarter Parenting team is taking the tools and techniques that clinicians, behavior specialists, and other professionals use and making them available to parents around the world.

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We use the Teaching-Family Model

The Teaching-Family Model is an evidenced based behavioral approach that has being used by professionals and families for over fifty years. Watch this video to learn more:

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