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On this parenting podcast, join ADHD parenting coach Siope Kinikini as he helps you better parent a child with ADHD. As someone with ADHD, he understands what your child is going through and the challenges that families face. As a certified Parenting Coach, he knows the solutions you need.

The ADHD Smarter Parenting podcast is here to give you hope, solutions, confidence, and change by teaching you how to implement the behavior skills of the Teaching-Family Model. The Teaching-Family focuses on helping kids with ADHD reach their full potential. Applying what we teach throughout our parenting podcast will reduce stress and frustration and repair/strengthen your relationship with your child.

The ADHD Smarter Parenting Podcast is the first step in creating change for your family! Join our ADHD parenting community.

“Thank you so much for this calming, reassuring cast.”


“[This] podcast literally saved me from mental anguish with coping with my son and identifying how to respond to [his] condition.”


Recent Episodes

#67: Consistency creates change

#67: Consistency creates change

Lasting change in behavior doesn’t just happen. Change requires consistency. Remember that small, daily improvements lead to long-term success.

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#52: How to fix negative behavior

#52: How to fix negative behavior

The best time to correct bad behavior is as soon as possible. Parenting coach, Siope, shows parents how to use this behavior skill, Correcting Behaviors.

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#51: Finding success with Preventive Teaching

ListenSubscribe:       iTunes        Stitcher        Spotify        Google Play   WatchOne of the best things parents can do in preparing kids for success is to use the behavior skill of Preventive Teaching. Preventive Teaching is just like it sounds. We are...

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ADHD Parenting Podcast