101 things to do instead of being on your phone

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101 things to do instead of being on your phone

Just because we’ve finished #ConnectTheFam challenge, doesn’t mean that we still don’t need to disconnect. I met a mom yesterday at a community function whose family had disconnect for one week as part of #NationalDayofUnplugging. This family had so much fun playing hide-and-go seek, reading, biking, and building things that the children made the decision to unplug once a week every month. And this mom couldn’t be happier.

Maybe our children aren’t as connected to our devices as we think they are.

We hope that families make disconnecting from their phones so they can connect with each other a regular occurrence as there are so many benefits—beyond the fact that it will strengthen your family.

Disconnecting from our phones is good for our health. Doctors have noticed that more and more children are have eye issues and blame it on increased screen time. Also, being on our phones all day isn’t good for our posture.

Disconnecting from our phones decreases our stress levels. FOMO is real. When we see other’s doing cool things we wonder why we weren’t cool enough to warrant an invitation. The more we see of others “pefectlly” seeming lives, the more we feel inadequate in our own and that adds to the stress in our lives as we try to fill it with more things to add.

Disconnecting from our phones makes us less angry. Many parents have noticed an increase in tantrums after prolonged screen time.

Disconnecting from our phones allows us to be creative. Our phones can often keep us from being creative. Instead of figuring out how something works, we automatically google how to fix a specific problem.

Disconnecting from our phones allows us time to think. It’s important that we all have time to think and mediate without being constantly interrupted.

Disconnecting from our phones means that we get to make real connections with the people around us and that is the most important.

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Continue to disconnect with these 101 ideas

  1. Read a book
  2. Write a book
  3. Write a comic strip
  4. Write your life story
  5. Send a thank you note
  6. Have lunch with a friend
  7. Interview a family member
  8. Learn more about your family history
  9. Make a video
  10. Do a scavenger hunt
  11. Plan a vacation (even if you don’t go)
  12. Go to the library
  13. Go on a picnic
  14. Go stargazing
  15. Paint a picture
  16. Do a craft
  17. Do a science experiment
  18. Talk a walk
  19. Go on a hike
  20. Go for a bike ride
  21. Go swimming
  22. Go for a run
  23. Train for a race
  24. Go to the gym
  25. Go to the beach
  26. Go the the mountains
  27. Go canoeing/kayaking
  28. Go skiing
  29. Walk a new walking trail
  30. Visit the fire station
  31. Explore your city
  32. Take class
  33. Attend a lecture
  34. Go to a local festival
  35. Play a board game
  36. Wash your car
  37. Clean out your closet and donate your clothes to charity
  38. Serve at the soup kitchen
  39. Be a volunteer at an event
  40. Visit a rest home
  41. Heart attack your neighbors
  42. Build a fort
  43. Take a cooking class
  44. Plan a dinner party
  45. Wash the car
  46. Have a snowball/water ballon fight
  47. Have a BBQ
  48. Take a road trip
  49. Go out for ice cream
  50. Pay for someones dinner
  51. Babysit for a friend
  52. Help someone with yard work
  53. Create a drive in
  54. Watch a movie in the mountains
  55. Build a pillow fort
  56. Build an actual fort
  57. Plant a garden
  58. Make cookies
  59. Try a new recipe
  60. Have an Chopped/Iron Chef competition
  61. Tackle the to-do list
  62. Spring clean your closets
  63. Have a family talent show
  64. Go to the playground
  65. Make a slip-n-slide
  66. Go to the waterpark
  67. Roast marshmallows
  68. Play with legos
  69. Have a tea party
  70. Go camping
  71. Visit a national park
  72. Watch a high school game
  73. Learn how to knit
  74. Walk a neighbor’s dog
  75. Get slurpees
  76. Visit the zoo
  77. Visit the aquarium
  78. Take a drive
  79. Go to the lake
  80. Have a $5 dollar adventure
  81. Build a birdhouse
  82. Create a fairy garden
  83. Take a nap
  84. Organize your photos
  85. Arrange flowers
  86. Learn how to knit
  87. Play with blocks
  88. Play with legos
  89. Do a puzzle
  90. Play hopscotch
  91. Play jacks
  92. Play four square
  93. Have a pick-up game
  94. Jump rope
  95. Go on a nature walk
  96. Collect sea shells
  97. Volunteer at the school
  98. Make someone’s bed
  99. Pick up garbage in the neighborhood
  100. Teach a class
  101. Tell jokes


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