2016 family time

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2016 family time

Hello 2016!

We hope that as you determine your goals for the new year that improving your family relationships makes the list. You may think that your family is doing just fine thank-you-very-much, but even that “perfect” family could use a little help. Especially when it comes to something so important as your relationship with your family.


The thought of fixing your family can be overwhelming. Trust us, we know! Where do you start? How do you even do it? The easiest way to improve family relations is by spending quality time together. Each month we’re going to recommend an activity that your family can do together. These will be simple activities that will take very little preparation, but will bring the family together. Score! We’re calling it #FamilyFunTime2016. We know you’ve got some great ideas of things that have worked for your family. Please share them on our Facebook page so we can help other families.

January’s activity is Year in Review. What is Year in Review. Basically, it’s a format that allows for each family member to reflect back on the year previous as well as set some goals for the coming year. We’ve started doing this in my family as a way to capture what happened and to document the changes in our family as the little ones grow up. Some of the responses have changed over the years, while others have stayed the same.

Download the free file and begin a new tradition. You won’t be sorry you did!

Download Year in Review
Download Year in Review

Once these have been filled out, it’s the perfect time to talk about what’s been written. Why so and so activity was their favorite or why they learned the lesson they did. Don’t forget to check out the skill of Effective Communication as will help you improve your family’s communication and subsequently your relationship.



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