5 ways to strengthen your family

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Strong families are needed in our society today. It takes hard work to make a successful family. Many people value their family but are not willing to put in the time to improve it. Here are five ways to strengthen your family:

Work together as a team

With both parents working to provide for the family, routine things like making meals, raising children and chores should be shared. If there is contention regarding who does what, a family discussion should be scheduled where you discuss your desires and your spouse and children can also share theirs. Come to a concession about how to handle the necessary chores that are required to keep an organized and happy home. Children must take care of their own rooms, clothes, toys and other possessions. Leaving work to be done by someone else will foster resentment.

Don’t expect perfection, but be patient and flexible. If each family member feels they are on a winning team, they will contribute their best.

Support each other

Stand by each other. Be there for them, even when times get tough. Families solidify their relationship as they support each other in their interests and talents. Share successes in sports, academics or fine arts activities, and cheer each other on. Parents who over schedule their children find it difficult to give the quality support needed to achieve and to be happy. When times get difficult, the family is there to build each other up. Remember that each family member is important and worthy. Learn to cope with each other and your differences. This will prepare family members to better cope with stress and outside pressures.

Learn how to communicate

The home is where civility, manners, and good behavior are taught. Parents set the tone for effective honest communication. Good behavior is cultivated when it is reinforced by good examples and consistency. Do not tolerate or allow bickering, foul language, put downs or other negative behavior in the home. Caring words and actions will engender positive attitudes in a family and will create a positive environment. Humor is important and can balance out daily tensions in a family. The expression of appreciation reinforces commitment. Words used effectively will strengthen family ties.


Teach financial responsibility

Misunderstanding financial issues cause distrust in a family. Discuss family income, basic financial needs and then decide how to invest in extras. Families on the same page about finances will be more supportive. It is easy to spend a fortune in cultivating interests and talents. Children who begin with a small allowance learn the worth of money and how to contribute to the family financial burden. Learning smart money moves will be beneficial over their lifetime. Buying a child everything they want does not teach them the value of money. Saying “no” is more effective than giving in to expensive wishes. Discuss how they can work towards earning what they want. Establish financial priorities in the family with the help of everyone involved.


Spend time together

Quality and quantity of time spent together are necessary to strengthen your family. Build family memories that will be cherished for days and years to come. The individual will feel a part of something much bigger than themselves. Special occasions such as birthdays and holidays are a given, but also mealtimes, walking, board games and other activities can bring the family closer together. Families who spend quality time together reinforce communication and commitment. Create family traditions that will be repeated through the generations.

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