Connect the fam challenge day 6

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Connect the fam challenge day 6

When the new live-action Cinderella came out I loved it. I liked it so much that I paid full price to see it twice in the theaters. I loved it because of it’s emphasis on kindness and that kindness leads to magic. The world could use a little more magic.

We’re bombarded constantly with the notion that kindness is dead. Then someone does something that restores our faith in humanity. We watch someone hold the door open, or say a kind word, or go out of their way to befriend someone, or steps in, or protects someone and we can not helped to be changed.

What parent doesn’t want their children to be kind? We want our children to be the person that see the suffering of others and responds by helping. Children are inherently good. They want to be kind, but often they’re not sure how to be so. Kindness has to be practiced if we want it so deeply ingrained in our children where it becomes second nature—like it was for Cinderella.

When we serve others we become better people and that is the magic.

Random Acts of Kindness

Want to see magic? Spend an hour as a family doing random acts of kindness. You’ll find that once your family gets into the spirit of helping others it becomes contagious and they’ll want to make that service a regular part of your families routine.

We love Random Acts of Kindness as it teaches our children that kindness and service doesn’t need to elaborate or expensive. All too often we think that for service to be meaningful that has to be the case. We have to travel to far away places, when in reality, the most important service we can do is the small, simple acts that make our immediate spheres better.

Doing Random Acts of Kindness is simple as a family choose a few.

Download: Random Acts of Kindness

Heart Attack

When was the last time you heart attacked? Probably in high school or college when you left love notes to your crush and hoped that you wouldn’t be caught. If you haven’t done it with your children you’re missing out. There is something so much fun sneaking about to leave love notes for friends and neighbors hoping that you’ll not get caught.

If you want to up the ante—leave a plate of cookie on their doorstep. Maybe those yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies you made a couple of days ago?

It’s simple to Heart Attack someone. As a family, choose a family or two. Download the file and cut out the hearts. Add your own messages to the blank ones. Heart attack their door without being caught (that’s the tricky part).

Download: Heart Attack


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