Free download: We can play doorsign

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Free download: We can play doorsign

Parents. You’ve survived another summer. Wahoo! Give yourself a pat on the back.

One of the best parts about summer is that it’s not quite as busy—no soccer practice, music lessons, or gymnastics. Too bad the return of school means the end of all of that. Don’t worry, we feel your pain.

Getting your family back on schedule is hard enough, but when distractions are part of the mix, it can feel and unwinnable battle. Do you have a neighborhood kid, or group of kids, that don’t seem to be on any type of schedule? They roam the streets at will and seem to find themselves on your doorstep with increased frequency. Of course, distracting your children. The more they show up at your house the harder it becomes for you or your children to say no AND to keep your child on track because playing with friends is always more exciting than chores and homework.

We’ve got a fix that will save your family a lot of headaches. It’s our We Can Play/No We Can’t Play signs.

Once you download the files, sit your children down and tell them how the signs work. Let your children know that when the “No. We Can’t Play” sign is on the door, nobody will be answering the door. Once chores, practice, and homework are done the sign will be switched to the “We Can Play” side and your children are free to play. If the door is answered when the No. We Can’t Play side is out, then your children will be given a consequence—an extra chore, losing 15 minutes of playing time, etc. Kind of sounds like you’re using the skill of Preventive Teaching, doesn’t it? It’s exactly what it is.

Now here comes the hard part. It’s teaching the neighborhood children and that’s probably going to take some time. The first time they knock on the door, open it up and explain the sign to them. Let them know that if they knock when the “No. We Can’t Play “is on that nobody will answer the door. Let them know that once the sign is turned to the “We Can Play” side they are free to knock on the door and play. Children have short memories so it may take a few times before they get it. Hold firm and don’t answer the door after that first time. Don’t worry, eventually, they’ll get it.


Download this version HERE.

Download this version HERE.



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