Kids Eat Free! App for Parents

by | Apr 18, 2016 | Blogs, Others

Kids Eat Free! App for Parents

We have reviewed a lot of apps for parents. Most of them have been social media type apps that kids use that parents don’t know about. These have included: WhisperSnapchatVineTinderAfterSchool, etc. Well, today we are sharing with you an app that parents can use with their family to save some money.

Family outings can be fun. Sometimes it can be expensive. This app will help defray some of the costs of going out for dinner by finding places in your area that offer free meals to children under a certain age. It’s a great idea.

Download the app here:



Smarter Parenting is dedicated to sharing with parents the great and dangerous things on the internet to help them in the ever changing world of parenting.

Use the skill of Decision Making with your children when planning family activities. Watch the video together and use this as an opportunity to build relationships and strengthen your bonds.

Is there an app that you use that could be beneficial for other parents? If so, let us know. We would love to review it.


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