Monthly conversation starters: November

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Monthly conversation starters: November

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve have opportunities to showcase our monthly conversations starters at conferences and we’ve been overwhelmed by the response. Parents who were skeptical about if they needed to communicate better, saw how these questions could make a difference—we even had some parents nick our display copies of questions. You don’t have to nick them though. You can just download them and use them. We promise that when you start using them consistently with the skill of Effective Communication, things will improve in your family and that you will become closer. Don’t forget to check out the skill of Effective Communication on our website. There you’ll find more information and ideas to make your communication effective.

While the questions are fairly general, they may not be applicable to every child—especially some of the younger ones. These questions are just a guide. Adapt and modify as needed to fit your family’s situation.

Download the image HERE
Download the files HERE
Download the file HERE
Download the file HERE

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