Monthly conversation starters: October

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Monthly conversation starters: October

It’s never too early to start working on Effective Communication with your family. No really. Children understand more than we give them credit for. Have you ever said something to your child who you thought was too young to understand only to have them look at you in such a way that shows you they understood every word that you said? I have. In moments like that it’s given me pause as to how I’m communicating—with them, with everybody. I know that I can always improve HOW I communicate. I can show more empathy, I can listen more, I can strive to understand.

It’s hard to change how we communicate as we’re are rewiring years of habits. Which is why we put such emphasis on daily ways that allow parents to begin to change their communication with their children. The sooner we can start effectively communicating with our families, the better off we’ll be.

We hope that you’ve been using our monthly conversation starters as they allow parents and children moments to talk and to listen. Our monthly conversation starters are a mix of light hearted AND more thought provoking questions, but they’re presented in such a way that children kind of forget that they’re “communicating.” We’ve also left a few spots blank each month just in case there are questions you know need addressing. You can use these cards over and over again as your children’s responses will change as they grow and experience new things. Check out all of our other parenting lessons.

Don’t forget to check out the skill of Effective Communication on our website. There you’ll find more information and ideas to make your communication effective.

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