Parent Bullying: Update Information

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Parent Bullying: Update Information

The police in the case of Isabel Laxama’s death have now spoken and have determined her suicide was not because of the uploaded video showing her hair cut short.

The final investigation revealed that Izabel’s father had videotaped the hair cutting incident for Izabela and that it was Izabela who shared it with her friends.

According to the investigation Izabel left behind eight notes to members of her family before she jumped. In those notes she admits that she made a mistake in sending the suggestive photos to a boy. The notes, according to police, state that the public shaming video had nothing to do with her suicide.

Charges are not expected to be filed against the father.

Izabel did receive some counseling the morning of her suicide at school because of the hair cutting video.

Click HERE to see the news report.

Corrections to Izabel’s story have been made on the previous blog post.

While corrections have been made to her story in particular, the issue of parents uploading video of them disciplining their children is still a problem and it is still bullying.

Unfounded Online Frenzy

There is a great lesson to be learned from this experience. This demonstrates how rumor and speculation can go viral online and affect perceptions. News agencies who initially reported on this story are now making adjustments as the police report has been released.

In our effort to remain connected and report on the important incidences occurring related to parenting, it is always important to understand there are always multiple sides to a story.

Parenting works the same way. Parents make mistakes and and assume things based on the provided information but it is always important to gather the facts and then come to a decision on how to proceed.

It is a work in progress. I tend to be more vigilant as well.

As a member of the Smarter Parenting team I send my condolences to all involved in Izabela’s story.


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