What is Ifood? App review for parents

by | May 2, 2016 | Blogs, Others

What is Ifood? App review for parents

Most parents are very busy and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to have for dinner. This app can help you. Watch the video and read more.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, the last parents want to do is figure out what to have for dinner. For the parents that are conscious about their budgets buying a pizza or a fast food meal can add up over time. This app helps take the guess work out of it by providing a parent with recipes using whatever ingredients are available at the time.

I have been using this app with very surprising results. I was having a busy week and realized that I forgot to go shopping one evening. I was too tired to go shopping and the thought of eating fast food did not appeal to me at all. I had some food, spices, bread, some meat and cheese. Usually when this happens I tend to try and make a sandwich but I was sandwiched out and needing something filling, delicious and new. After entering in the ingredients to this app I realized I could make around 10 dishes I never thought I could make. I ended up making a delicious cauliflower soup. It was easy, quick and something that used up the ingredients I had at home. It was both a time and money saver for me. I highly recommend you use this app. It can be very helpful.

There are various apps that do this same thing but we recommend this one because it’s free and easy to use.

Is there an app that you use that you want to share with other parents? If so, let us know. We would love to test it out.


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