What the author of “Letter to the Halloween Scrooge” got wrong

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What the author of “Letter to the Halloween Scrooge” got wrong

​Dear Author of Letter to the Halloween Scrooge in the Neighborhood

Not much of what I read online gets my hackles up, but boy did your most recent articleJudging by the comments, I’m not the only one as many called you out for being entitled and selfish.

You took it upon yourself to become the Halloween scrooge police. Halloween is a childhood right and I’m all for celebrating. It’s not everyone’s responsibility to make it 100% magical for your children. You claim a grumpy middle age man who gave out measly candy ruined your 3-year-old twin’s halloween. Newsflash. They are THREE! They aren’t going to remember this semi-grumpy man a week, six months, or even a year from now. No, what I think this article is really about is that someone didn’t cater to you and your child. And that’s a bigger problem than not getting a fun-sized Snickers.

You claim the article was written to show the stingy spirit of the offered candy but what about your being grateful.

Yes, this man may have been more than a little annoyed. Maybe he was upset he was here handing out candy to ungrateful people instead of trick-or-treating with his own kids? Maybe he was under a stressful work deadline and all the interruptions weren’t helping. Maybe an ungrateful parent had just cussed him out for giving lousy candy. Maybe, you’re right. He doesn’t like Halloween but feels forced to participate. Maybe he has medical bills that are eating up their savings and their isn’t extra money this year for fancy candy? Did any of these cross your mind?

Whatever his reason for being grumpy, remember, he was not mean, he was not angry, he did not hit your child, or cuss them out, he was just grumpy. And we all have our grumpy days. Your responses to those that said you were entitled sounded just a wee bit grumpy and, dare I say it, almost Scrooge like.

Should he have done a better job of being happy if he was going to hand out candy. Most assuredly. But he didn’t and it should have been water under the bridge.

You on the other hand had the opportunity to take the higher road. To offer compassion for someone who is obviously having a worse day than you were and to be show your child what that really looks like. To be thankful he spent money to make your children happy (because the tootsie rolls probably did make them happy). To be grateful that he opened his door to someone who was less than gracious.

The world needs a lot more compassion and understanding especially over something so small as not handing out Halloween candy.

You can read her letter HERE. Please share your thoughts, I’d love to know what you think about her post.


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BlogsWhat the author of “Letter to the Halloween Scrooge” got wrong