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Getting individual parenting help from an expert has never been less intimidating.

ADHD Parenting Coach Siope Kinikini is that expert.

He is ready to show you how to thrive as an ADHD parent while supporting you every step of the way!

In his 15 years of coaching, he has empowered hundreds of families to create incredible change by giving them a clear path forward.

Siope Kinikini - Parenting Coach

What you will gain from a free Parenting Coaching session

Using the Teaching-Family Model, we will create an individualized coaching plan that will help you achieve your goals!


An individualized parenting plan shows you:


How to determine what goals to set


How to address future challenges


How to make your life easier


How to create a happier home


How to improve relationships

The tools we teach aren’t quick fixes. They are long-term solutions to heal and elevate your family. They empower you to make long-lasting changes in your home for the better.

I cried… …because it felt like I finally found the assistance I was searching for without having to sit in yet another office and take yet another test.

After the call, I felt more confident in having the know-how and understanding that ADHD is not who my son IS… …it’s merely a part of his DNA structure…

Siope gave great tips on how to implement him completing the task without assistance and becoming more accountable for his time…

The dialogue with Siope… …was the affirmation I needed that I was on the right path… …I knew… I needed more support and my needs were met finding Smarter Parenting.

— Samantha, Virginia, USA —

What a coaching session looks like:

Getting parenting help has never been less intimidating. Coaching sessions take place from the comfort of home via video calls.

Sign up for a free 15-minute coaching session.

Provide details of your parenting concerns.

Allow Smarter Parenting the opportunity to change your world!

What we teach aren’t quick fixes. They are long-term solutions to heal and elevate your family. They empower you to make changes.

The tools of the Teaching-Family Model are powerful.

The Teaching-Family Model helps kids with ADHD reach their full potential. 

Hundreds of thousands of families with ADHD kids have been transformed using these tools. Will your family be next?

If you’re ready to put in the time and effort required for lasting change, sign up for a free Parenting Coaching session. 

We can’t wait to help you change your world!

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Individual parenting coaching sessions