Individual parenting coaching sessions

One ADHD parenting coaching session can be life-changing!

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, and a complete failure as a parent?

We know that parenting a child with ADHD can be difficult at times. We’ve been overwhelmed by the constant arguing and anger and negative behaviors. We’ve felt like such a failure because they don’t act like other kids. We’ve been judged–a lot. We get it.

If you’ve reached the end of your rope and are looking for parental guidance, an ADHD mini-session is just what you need!


A mini-session will give you solutions!

  • Do you want to feel confident in your ability to handle any behavior (Yes, we mean any behavior!)?
  • Do you want to build a relationship with your child instead of dealing with problems?
  • Do you want real solutions that work?

A parenting coach is the ADHD help parents need


Pick your biggest parenting challenge


A parenting coach points out what you’re doing right and gives YOU confidence in your parenting.


A parenting coach helps you find solutions that work and are doable for you.


A parenting coach helps you set realistic expectations for you and your child.


A parenting coach encourages and supports you.

A mini-session can have a big impact!

Nothing is more profound than having a parenting coach focused on your specific needs, even for just 15-minutes. 

We have structured these sessions so you can choose any ADHD area of focus.

All the coaching and teaching within the mini-session will be based on the elements of the Teaching-Family Model. All of our coaches are trained and certified in the Teaching-Family Model and know how to handle any ADHD topic that will come up. We will use our toolbox of the best ADHD parenting coaching tools to give you confidence in your parenting!

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Our parenting coaches can’t wait to work with you!

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Individual parenting coaching sessions