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Connect the fam challenge day 4

Connect the fam challenge day 4

Half way done with the #ConnectTheFam challenge! We hope your family has connected as you have disconnected. Now, if you’re just coming across the challenge—start right now and double back to the other activities as they don’t need to be done in any particular order.

If you can’t tell by now, each day’s activity has a theme. Find each day’s activities by clicking on link.

Day 1: Disconnect to know your family better

Day 2: Disconnect to connect with the outdoors

Day 3: Disconnect to share your love

And today, day 4, disconnect to be silly

Yes, be silly! If you want a healthy relationship, laughter is an important element. There’s a reason why we love jokes and comedy shows and being around people that are funny. All those things make life better.

If you were to ask your children for their favorite memories, don’t be surprised if many of them involve a funny situation. I know my family has them. We have that time when someone convinced me that they were peeing all over me, or that time we looked like a family of ducks following dad duck carrying our grocery store dinner as we have crossed the lobby of really posh hotel. These are the stories our family recants time and time again and we can’t help but laughing when we do.

There are multiple benefits for laughing.

  • Laughing together creates an instant bond. Which is great news if you’re having a hard time connecting with one of your children.
  • Laughing together decreases stress.
  • Laughing makes us happier.
  • Laughing makes us more attractive.
  • Laughing adds to our overall life span.
  • Laughing makes us happier.
  • Laughing fights off disease.

As we get older, we tend to laugh less. We think laughing is great. As long as you’re laughing together not at each other. Laughing at each other in a mean spirit would would definitely not strengthen your relationship! So just don’t do it.


Charades can get even the non-silliest kid to be silly and have fun. Increase the silliness factor by adding a little healthy competition. Once we know that bragging rights are up for grabs in our family, we will do almost about anything to win including being super silly!

Charades is an easy game to play. It involves acting out words or phrases without using any verbal clues in a given amount of time—usually 30 seconds or a minute depending on the age of the participants and how you plan to award points.

How to accrue points can be done in one of two ways.

Option 1: A point is given for any right answer that is guessed during the time frame.

Option 2: Each player only gets 1 card per turn. This way is usually played with a shorter time frame.

To play


Print out and cut to guide lines.

Divide the questions in half and place in two bowls—one for each team.

Each team takes turn having one player act out the clues while the rest of the team tries to guess.

The player who is acting out is not able to speak, though rules to whether they can make other sounds vary so be sure to set the rules before play starts.

Communication Ball

Getting to know someone can be silly. We love the communication ball in the fact that it adds an element of unpredictability and unpredictability often leads to laughter. To play, write the questions, either teen or child specific, on a beach ball. Then roll or throw the ball the family members who must answer the question under their left thumb. To see this game in action, watch this video.

To up the ante and make it really silly try doing the following things:

Option 1: They must sing their answer

Option 2: They must give their answer in a low or high squeaky voice

Option 3: They must act out their answer like Charades