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Connect the fam challenge day 5

Connect the fam challenge day 5

My mom was right. I thought she was crazy telling us during all those family work projects that there would come a day when we miss it. She was right. Mom’s usually are. Now I miss those days. I’d love to have a day with my family together working on some crazy project. Those projects drew us closer together.

As a parent you know that sometimes divide and conquer is the easiest way to get your children to do things. Send child A to clean the bathroom while child B cleans the family room and child C cleans the kitchen and you get to keep your sanity.

Our children learn something important from working together. From working together they learn they are an integral part of our family. That we need their contributions. That their laughter makes us happy. That we love their enthusiasm for doing new things. That working together forges a bond that’s hard to break.

Today’s activities are meant to remind your family how important each family member is and how important it is to work together.

Story Dice

Who doesn’t love creating a good story?

The premise of this activity is simple. Each family member works together to contributes something to the overall story.

How to play. Starting with a general opening phrase, “Once upon a time,” “In a land far away, etc.” Everybody rolls one of the dice. Take turns, they need to work what they’ve rolled into the story. Continue with a set amount of rolls, or until you feel that the story is finished. Once the story is finished, start over again.

Because nobody is quite sure what will come up next, these stories often turn out hilarious.


Group Drawing

Communication is an important part of working together.

Option 1

Each family is to find a picture-that they don’t show to anybody-that they could describe to the family.

Sitting around a table. One person then starts to describe their picture to the group. Working together everybody draws the picture trying to get it as close to the original picture as possible. Those drawing may not understand the directions so it’s ok to ask follow-up questions. Once they feel like they’ve got the picture correct, compare it to the original and see how close you came.

Option 2

If you’ve got really young children, modify the activity like this.

Have everyone sit together at the table. Give each person a marker and a piece of paper. Remaining silent, everyone must listen and draw what they hear.

The person giving instructions gives four simple instructions. Simple things like: draw a circle, draw a triangle inside the circle, draw a square, draw a sun, draw a tree, draw a bird, etc.

Once that’s done, have everyone show their drawing to the group. While each person would have heard the same instructions, each picture is going to be completely different.