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Creating Routine with Free Pirate Chore Charts

We love chore charts (call us crazy). We love anything that helps families understand expectations and consequences and that in turn makes family life easier. #FamilyWin It takes some adjustment to start using chore charts and we have 6 tips for making chore charts effective HERE. These chore charts are perfect for those who wish they could spend their days upon the high seas.

We feel your child will be more invested in using a chore chart if they get to use a chore chart that speaks to them. Pirates not you or your child’s thing? Don’t worry. There are tons more on the site so you’re guaranteed to find the one that works.


If you have a young child try using stickers (the last thing you want to do is hand them some sort of writing instrument) to mark things off.

If you don’t want to print out a new chore chart each week, get it laminated or stick it in a page protector and use whiteboard markers.

Download the file HERE
Download the file HERE