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Cure the boredom

Cure the boredom

Now we know that a poster can’t cure all the “I’m bored” complaints, but, (Well, at least we hope it will keep them from uttering the phrase.)

As a parent with a long to-do list, you can’t even imagine a world where you’d be bored. You’re children on the other hand are a different story. They haven’t even been out of school for a week and already they’re complain there is nothing to do and you are the worst parent ever for not giving them games and activities to pass away the time. At this rate it’s going to be a long summer. But, as soon as you offer a chore, they conveniently become unbored. Sound familiar?

Children’s concept of time is different than adults. Have you ever complained that time moves faster the older you get. Think about it. One year of your life is just a small percentage of the total life you’ve lived. For for a four year old that’s not the case. One year is a quarter of their life which is why the looming hours many seem like forever.

This printout is to help. Granted, a poster can’t cure all the “I’m bored” complaints, but it can remind them of things the can do before uttering that phrase. And hopefully that will keep them from uttering the phrase. Before you put up this sign, it’s a good time to use the skill of Preventive Teaching to preteach to your children what you expect them to do before they come to you and tell you they’re bored.


Download the Bored Printout here.