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DIY nebula: a Following Instructions activity

DIY nebula: a Following Instructions activity

Learning Following Instructions will change your kid’s world—if you can get them to only do it! Which is why we recommend using activities like making this space-themed nebula to make reinforce Following Instructions.

The steps to making this nebula are simple so pretty much any kid can do it. What’s great about this project is that those simple steps are repeated a number of times giving your child multiple times to practice saying, “ok” doing the task and reporting back. Especially the reporting back. For many kids, reporting back is step they struggle the most on.

As they make their nebula, not only will the be reporting back right away—when the pour the paint or add the glitter, but, will also have to remember to report back when things take a little longer—pulling apart the cotton balls and placing them in the jar. It’s important that as they learn the skill of Following Instructions they have opportunities to practice both.




Craft paint

Jar with lid


Cotton balls (we used almost a bag)


Spoon or stick to push down cotton balls


Step 1: Fill jar 1/4 of the way with water

Step 2: Add craft paint

Step 3: Shake up craft paint

Step 4: Flatten cotton balls and place in jar until all water is soaked up

Step 5: Add glitter and pompoms. Shake again

Repeat steps 1-5

Making this craft is more than just about making the craft. It’s about instilling in your kids that following your instructions and being obedient is fun and makes life better.