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Free printable: routine charts for Autism

Free printable: routine charts for Autism

You’re morning is going great. Unfortunately, you’ve got to make a change to the schedule and you know what that means. A likely tantrum from your child.

Most children with Autism have trouble moving from one task to another or grasping what is coming up. They are not acting out to be difficult or inflexible. They like their routines because it’s something they can count on. For them, the worlds is a confusing, often overwhelming, place of people, sights, sounds, and smells. Having a routine helps them order all they’re dealing with and managing their anxiety. Changing that changes those things they can count on.

Many parents have found that having a routine chart for their child helps them understand what they are to do and the order of things. Once you child completes a task they are able to move their piece.

This simple chart gives your child 4 routines for morning and evening.

Download the Knight Move Along Routine Chart HERE.

Download the Princess Move Along Routine Chart HERE

Older kids are able to add more to their routine and may need something more than the move along charts. These build a fairy or knight charts are a perfect solution. Assign each piece a specific chore or task and allow them to build their chart. You child will love the repetition of building their chart each day.

Download the Build a Fairy Chore Chart HERE

Download the Build a Knight Chore Chart HERE