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Monthly conversation starters: August

Monthly conversation starters: August

Can you believe it’s the beginning of another month? Nope? Neither can we we! Before we know it, summer will be over and a new school year will be upon us. Scary thought isn’t it?

We know how busy life can be between piano and soccer and school that sometimes we forget to do the most important things. And communicating with your children and partner is one of those important things.


Communication is one of those loaded words. Most people envision that for communication to take place it has to be a long, drawn out process and that just seems like more work than it’s worth it. That’s false. Communication neither has to be long or scary. In fact, some of the best communication happens in small moments—just before bed or a thought provoking question over dinner. It’s one of the reasons why we produce a new set of Conversation Starters each month. We want to help you find the small moments that allow you to communicate with those that are most important in your life.


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