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Monthly conversation starters: July

Monthly conversation starters: July

Hi Friends. We hope you’ve been using our monthly Conversation Starters to improve communication and that they’re helping!

These conversation starters are fun for everyone. Last month, I did a 24-hour cross-country drive in just over 30 hours with my boyfriend. A trip like that is brutal and even listening to music after that many hours gets a little boring. To break up the monotony, I pulled out these conversation starters. For a couple of hours, we had fun answering them and enjoying the conversation it opened up.

If you haven’t been using them yet, July is a great time to start. You can download the January’s through June’s HERE

July’s questions include: “How do you think your generation is different from previous generations?”, “What is the best part about summer?”, “What is your favorite thing to do to exercise?”

Download July’s questions HERE.
If you’ve been using them we’d love to hear how it’s going. Leave us a comment below!

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