Our Teaching-Family Model Family

The skills and lessons of Smarter Parenting come from the Teaching-Family Model. The use of the Model is monitored by the Teaching-Family Association. They verify that agencies using this Model are doing so with the utmost fidelity to best practices.

The Teaching-Family Association holds an annual conference for agencies using this Model. This year the conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 16-18. Smarter Parenting presented the website and a brief preview of upcoming projects.

The debut of the following video explaining the Teaching-Family Model’s history and effectiveness was well received.

This video is also available in the Who We Are section.

A few of the 2015 Teaching Family Model Conference attendees.
A few of the 2015 Teaching Family Model Conference attendees.

Agencies that use the Teaching-Family Model are:

Smarter Parenting is proud to join these agencies and the wonderful work they do in helping children and families improve.
Visit the Teaching-Family Association website for more information about this model.

Siope Kinikini

ADHD parenting coach Siope Lee Kinikini, LCMHC, is a mental health professional who has worked with hundreds of ADHD families. As someone with ADHD, he knows what your child is going through and is able to help you understand what they need. He is married and has a wonderful teenage daughter.

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