Our Teaching-Family Model Family

The skills and lessons of Smarter Parenting come from the Teaching-Family Model. The use of the Model is monitored by the Teaching-Family Association. They verify that agencies using this Model are doing so with the utmost fidelity to best practices.

The Teaching-Family Association holds an annual conference for agencies using this Model. This year the conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 16-18. Smarter Parenting presented the website and a brief preview of upcoming projects.

The debut of the following video explaining the Teaching-Family Model’s history and effectiveness was well received.

This video is also available in the Who We Are section.

A few of the 2015 Teaching Family Model Conference attendees.
A few of the 2015 Teaching Family Model Conference attendees.

Agencies that use the Teaching-Family Model are:

Smarter Parenting is proud to join these agencies and the wonderful work they do in helping children and families improve.
Visit the Teaching-Family Association website for more information about this model.

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