Playdough animals: a Following Instructions activity

Teaching your children how to follow your instructions should be fun! With just a few small instructions your child will be able to make these adorable little creatures. Even teenagers will find making these fun.

When you begin teaching Following Instructions keep it simple—which is why we love this activity. Success is more likely when you or your children don’t become frustrated.

Before your start the activity, sit down with your child and watch the Following Instruction skill video and explain that you’re going to practice, or role-play, the skill by building playdough animals.

How to teach Following Instructions by making playdough animals

Start by getting your child’s attention and giving a clear, simple instructions for each step. “Mary, please make a large round ball from the pink playdough.”

Once you’ve given the instruction, you child says “ok” and does the step. If they don’t say “ok” or immediately do the instruction, remind them and repeat the instruction.

Once they’ve finished they need to report that they’re done. Acknowledge that you’ve heard them.

Follow the same pattern until all the steps are completed.

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