Ep #113: Why the Teaching-Family Model creates lasting change

by | Dec 9, 2020 | ADHD, ADHD Podcasts, Podcasts

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Understanding how the Teaching-Family came about and how it’s been used to change children and families helps parents better understand the Teaching-Family Model’s power in their lives.

In this episode, Eric Bjorklund, President of Utah Youth Village, talks about how the Teaching-Family Model came to be, the research that’s gone into proving its effectiveness, and how it’s used worldwide. He shares stories of how he’s used the Teaching-Family Model as a dad and the difference it made in his relationships with his kids, and the success that Utah Youth Village has witnessed. 

Smarter Parenting is a division of Utah Youth Village and was created to help families worldwide access the power of the Teaching-Family Model.

The Teaching-Family Model was developed in the 1960s to deal with children who had challenging behavior. The researchers found that they could teach children how to be successful long-term by teaching them specific behavioral skills that allow them to learn, grow, and change. By focusing on the good a child is doing, you will start to see incredible results.

Since the 1960s, the Teaching-Family Model been used by agencies, schools, and parents worldwide to address all types of behavior.

The Teaching-Family is not only for kids with problematic behaviors; any child and family can benefit from using the behavior skills you will find on SmarterParenting.com. 

The success of the Teaching-Family is due to its focus on relationships and helping the child do better by teaching them what they should do and allowing them to change. 

For a short video of the history of the Teaching-Family Model, watch this video.

For more information on the Teaching-Family Model, we hope you’ll check out the resources available on SmarterParenting.com.

For help implementing the Teaching-Family Model in your family, sign up for parenting coaching.


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