Ep #120: Coping with pandemic exhaustion and changing needs

by | Jan 27, 2021 | ADHD, ADHD Podcasts, Podcasts

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As this pandemic wears on, we feel the exhaustion of constant changes and frustration that things aren’t back to normal. 

How we need to parent has changed. Finding success now means being able to adapt and change our expectations. 

If you are still insisting on parenting how you did pre-pandemic, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Even when the pandemic is over, things won’t go back 100% to what they were before.

There is both a technical and artistic side to parenting. The Teaching-Family Model skills are effective, both pre-pandemic and pandemic, because they address both the technical and artistic side of parenting. The technical side is the actual steps of the skills, which never change. That consistency is essential in helping your child feel safe amid change. The artistic side of the skills is how you implement them to address your child’s individualized needs. The flexibility allows your child to feel seen.

This combination is powerful in helping you adjust as the needs of your children change, which creates a stronger bond with your child.

You can do this! We have such faith in you. We know you want to be the best parent possible because you’re listening to this podcast and making needed adjustments.


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