Round-Up Wednesday (August 12, 2015)

I normally like Wednesdays A LOT. There’s something nice about knowing you’re that much closer to the weekend. This Wednesday isn’t my favorite and I feel like I need a lot of laughter to set the world right. I’m guessing there are others out there who’d enjoy a little bit of laughter to brighten their day.

Turning to Jimmy Fallon is a must when you’re having a bad day. Here’s a couple of my favorite

First Drafts of Rock: “Fun, Fun, Fun” by the Beach Boys (with Kevin Bacon)

How can Fun, Fun, Fun not put a smile on your face?

Any of his Hashtags.

Seriously, so funny. Probably because they are so relatable.


And this gem from CollegeHumor

A Better Kind of Selfie Stick

Last but not least Studio C.

They’re the perfect family friendly entertainment. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean boring.

Boy Band Break-Up

Top Soccer Shootout with Scott Sterling One of my favorite youtube videos. Of. All. Time

And I can’t forget Lobster Bisque. My younger brother quoted this for weeks!


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