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Round-Up Wednesday (August 5, 2015)

Round-Up Wednesday (August 5, 2015)

One of the things I love most about spending time on the web it be be inspired by people, places, things I would normally not have the opportunity to come in contact with.


One of the stories that touched my heart this week was #50ReasonsToLoveTheWorld Maybe it’s because it’s summer and their is something about the beautiful weather that inspires me to leave the house and go exploring. Yep, that’s it. It’s the beautiful weather because I’m not as inspired in winter to see this beautiful world—it’s just too cold.

In the #50ReasonsToLoveTheWorld project, BBCTravel asked 50 different people what the world meant to them. Their answers will inspire you to seek out new experiences and people around you. To travel and create memories. But, mostly to be reminded that there is still so much good and beauty in the world around us. And goodness there is. People in general are still kind, loving, and considerate. The world is still a vast place full of undiscovered places. That the human spirit has yet to be broken.


Add your reason to love the world using the hashtag #LoveTheWorld. Mine: BECAUSE IT SETS THE STAGE FOR MEMORIES


Do you also know what’s inspiring. People who have put the time into perfecting their talents. Those who have gotten up early, stayed late, and never gave up. Jake Weidmann is one of those. As the youngest Mater Penman, he has spent years perfecting the art of handwriting. His stuff is beautiful. The attention to detail is something that’s not easily replicated in the modern world. After watching this, you’ll want to to pick up a pen or a pencil and put down that computer or tablet and write a note to someone. And then you’ll want to watch his TedX Talk about the correlation between writing, thinking, and learning. Then you’ll REALLY want to pick up that pen!



Champing the contributions of women is long over do. Even in this day and age, women still aren’t always given the credit they are due. Just yesterday, the hashtag #lLookLikeAnEngineer went viral as women and minorities attempted to change the stereotype of what an engineer looks like because many said Isis Wenger was too pretty to be an engineer.

Photo via OneLogin We Brave Women is a kickstarter project aimed to highlight 50 incredible women from all over the world. Women who lead, stood up, and made the world a better place. Each card continues a history of their contribution and a quote. Once you see these, you’re going to want to given them to your children-especially your daughters. Hopefully they’ll be inspired to dream and change the world.