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Round-Up Wednesday (December 4, 2015)

Round-Up Wednesday (December 4, 2015)

Some of my favorite Christmas memories were the house spent to make Christmas gifts. Those late night spent sewing, glue, cutting, crafting and creating. There was always a thrill of keeping the whole thing a surprise and I employed some creative measures to make sure that happened.

Here are some of the my favorite DIY Christmas gift ideas.

Coiled rope baskets

I’m always in the need for stylish and functional storage. These baskets are easy to make and would work with any decor. Tutorial here

Image via www.schneiderpeeps.com

Cake dome cloche

Know a baker? These dome cloche are the perfect gift for them to show off their creations. And they’re super easy! Tutorial here.

Image via abeautifulmess.com

Concrete heart necklace

These cute necklaces are perfect to give out to all of your daughter’s friend. They’re easy to make and don’t cost and arm and a leg. Tutorial here.

Image via fallfordiy.com My crazy family dry erase bookAny little boy or girl is going to love these books and the opportunity to add crazy hair and mustaches to family photos.

image via for alltheboys.com

Wooden Dominos

Does your family like games? These cute dominos are easy and customizable. Don’t want to do dots? Add numbers, letters, animals, or make them interest themed.


Image via a beautifulmess.com