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Shaving cream artwork: A Following Instructions activity

Shaving cream artwork: A Following Instructions activity

Kids and mess go hand in hand. Embrace the mess with shaving marble cream artwork. Not only will your kids love following the steps to this project because the steps themselves are so much fun, they are also going to love the creativity and, of course, how messy they’re going to get. Trust us on the messy part.

You’re going to want to do this project outside and in clothes you don’t care if they get stained, because inevitably that is what is going to happen. We did it on our kitchen table but we did throw down some craft paper to cover the area. Not only did it protect the table, it made for a super easy clean-up. We also used disposable trays that we could just throw out at the end of the activity.

This activity is addicting as you’re never going to come up with the same things. Even the mess-ups make something really beautiful.

Once the paper is dry be creative in what you do with them. You can turn them into cards or cut them up to make collages or frame your favorite ones.

We have a feeling that your kids will ask you to do this activity over and over again.

Shaving cream artwork


Shaving cream (foam not gel)

Food coloring

2 shallow pans

Popsicle sticks



Step 1: Add a layer of shaving cream to pan

Step 2: Drip food coloring onto shaving cream

Step 3: Swirl food coloring

Step 4: Push paper into shaving cream

Step 5: Use popsicle stick to remove shaving cream. Throw away the used shaving cream.

Step 6: Add new colors and start again