Following Instructions

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Resources, Printables, and more

Find additional support to practice and teach Following Instructions at the resources link below.

Where to begin

  1. Watch the lesson video on your own first, so you are familiar with the skill before teaching it to your child.
  2. Print out the steps to Following Instructions for easy reference and place where they are easy to see.
  3. Practice (Role-play) a situation your child can easily do until they have mastered each step and can do them easily. Practice multiple times and praise them when they get it right.
  4. Once your child can easily follow instructions for this situation, try a little more difficult situation for them to do.
  5. Continue to practice using various situations. The more your child practices Following Instructions, the more it will become second nature to them, and they are more apt to respond this way in the future.
  6. Always remember to praise your child when they complete things correctly.

Suggestions for parents when teaching this skill

  • Always start by practicing using something simple for your child to do. Such as put away a specific toy, get out the cups for dinner, etc. These simple task helps them understand the steps easily.
  • Practice at a neutral time.
  • If your child is having difficulty completing a task, try breaking down the task down to simpler steps. For example, if you want them to clean their room, start by asking them to make their bed first. It is more specific and less overwhelming. Move on to something else in the room after they finish the first task.
  • As your child can complete simple tasks move on to tasks that are more difficult for them to accomplish.
  • Use Effective Praise whenever they finish a task appropriately to reinforce the skill and strengthen your relationship.
  • After practicing the same situation numerous times, tell your child you will ask them to do something later that day or the next day and that you will see if they remember the steps. This prepares them to practice it later.
  • Offer a small reward if they do it correctly at a later date.

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