Preventive Teaching Resources

These resources, some created by Smarter Parenting, others from other organizations, will help you to practice and implement this skill with your child.

Feel free to rewatch the Preventive Teaching video as many times as you need to.

Supporting articles related to Preventive Teaching from the web

Prevention Strategies that Work from the Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice

Preventing Challenging Behavior in Children: Effective Practices from the University of Southern Florida

Connectability.Ca provides insight into role-playing and how it can be used to prepare for future situations. This article also highlights the power role-playing has in situations where bullying may occur.

Activities & Games

The following activities can be helpful in teaching the skill of Effective Communication.

Social stories

How to use this activity

Creating social stories is an effective way to help you and your children generalize their behaviors and allow you practice appropriate behaviors before situations escalate. In this example, Smarter Parent, explains how she created a social story to address tantrum behaviors with her children called, “Calm Body, Calm Voice.” The benefit of using this approach is that it allows parents to customize the stories to their situations.


Materials needed: paper, pen, photos, images

Bake a cake/cookies/brownies

How to use this activity

Children have a hard time seeing the impact their actions have. This activity is to help children understand the correlations by showing them the impact with something they can visualize.

Tell your children you are going to bake something good to eat. Pull out vinegar, peanut butter, and soap and ask your children if they’d like a cake made out of those ingredients. Tell them that to bake a cake you need to do something specific using specific ingredients. Liken this to Preventive Teaching by telling them their behavior is just like baking a cake. There are things they need to do to get the desired outcome, otherwise they’re making a cake with ingredients that won’t make a cake.

Materials needed:

  • cake mix, ingredients for cake mix
  • mixing bowl
  • measuring spoons
  • whisk
  • pan
  • 3-4 ingredients that you would not put into a cake

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