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There are Moments that Change Us

There are Moments that Change Us

There are moments that change us. That first time we say “I Love You”; the first time someone says those words back. The first time we say hello to someone important; the last time we tell them goodbye. The first time we conquer our fears; all the times after. The first time our world is shattered; the first time we know it can be healed.

I count myself fortunate that I’ve got many such moments in my life. Moments that reminded me that I was growing and learning and changing. That I’m living a life. What did these moments teach me?

From September 11, 2001 I learned that there were people willing to do unspeakable things to innocent people. But, there was so much good out there. That the world is made up of kind, selfless, and loving people. That ordinary people could do incredible things. There’s a power when we come together putting aside backgrounds, religions, professions, and bias. That there were things more important than things. That time with family and friends creating memories was worth more than fleeting gold.

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From a life-changing study abroad in England I learned that it’s important to be connected to be people and history. That first impressions aren’t always correct. That we can learn so much from the unfamiliar. That we need opportunities to spread our wings. And that European chocolate is SO much better than American.

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From a difficult time in my life I learned that I’m stronger than I expected. That people step in just when you think the world has stepped out. That the smallest moments will make your heart sing. And that it all will eventually come to an end.

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From transversing the globe I learned that you can communicate without words. That beauty is found in even the most dreary places. That I’m just a small cog in much larger picture and that I can make small differences.

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But not every moment that should have been a learning experience has been. I’ve overlooked things in moment of pain, being overwhelmed, not present in the moment, and for a billion other reasons. Which I guess makes the things I have learned all that more precious.

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