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What age should a child get a cell phone?

What age should a child get a cell phone?

Many parents ask what age should a child get a cell phone. This is a difficult question to answer because there are a lot of factors. I discuss things parents should consider.

The age of kids having cell phones seems to get younger and younger.

What age should I get my child a cell phone? It depends on many factors. The child should be able to demonstrate that they are responsible for their age. Their needs to be open and ongoing communication with you and your child. You should consider what kind of phone you child can handle and you should monitor your child’s use of the phone. There is no magic age that is appropriate for all children to receive a cell phone. Parents need to decide what is best for their own child.

Parents have options to get a phone with limited internet accessibility. When buying a phone for a child, you can talk to the phone company about what options they have in place for children. Some have options to help with monitoring a child’s use of their phone.

Monitor your child’s phone use

Some parents don’t feel that monitoring their child online is appropriate because children deserve to have privacy but that could be a mistake. Children do not make good decisions and because a phone involves other people, there are other factors to consider. For example, taking inappropriate pictures. Even if your child does not take inappropriate pictures, it is still possible for them to receive inappropriate pictures from someone else. If the other person is a minor, that can be considered child pornography. While it is no fault of your child, having images like that on their device can have a far-reaching impact on them and you, as their parent.

When a child has access to the internet, other people also have access to your child. It is best to monitor them.

Should I get my child a cell phone? Things to consider.

  1. Age and maturity of your child.
  2. Open communication and continued conversations about online activity.
  3. The parent’s competency in monitoring their child’s online activity.
  4. The appropriate type of phone plan for your needs.

Be vigilant and understand the dangers involved in giving your child a cell phone.

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