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What can Smarter Parenting do for me?

What can Smarter Parenting do for me?

Smarter Parenting is dedicated to helping parents with the challenges and rewards of raising children by sharing effective parenting skills through free videos and resources. We provide this service for FREE because we want to improve families and communities.

Smarter Parenting teaches the proven skills of the Teaching-Family Model. The Teaching-Family Model gives parents and children a framework on how to respond in any situation.You can learn more about why the Teaching-Family Model is so effective by watching the video below.

What are skills?

Skills are specific and proven ways to modify a child’s behavior and set them up for success in their life. Each skill is taught in it’s own lesson. Using the skills of Smarter Parenting your child will learn how to respond respectfully when they don’t agree, how to work through problems and find the best solution, how to follow through with expectations, and how to express what they want without anger or frustration.

The great things is that the skills build upon each other and what they learn in one skill will help them in other skills.

Eventually there will be 15 distinct skills lessons. Right now we have finished 8 of them.

The ABC’s of Behavior

Learn why your children act the way you do

Observe and Describe

Learn how to clarify and remain calm during stressful situations

Effective Communication

Learn how to improve communication and strengthen your relationships

Effective Praise

Use praise to change your child’s poor behaviors

Following Instructions

Get your child to follow your instruction and avoid defiant behavior

Preventive Teaching

Help your child know to act in any situation

Correcting Behaviors

Correct your child’s bad behaviors so they don’t happen again

Decision Making (SODAS Method)

Learn how to make better decision in an situation

How does it work?

We have taken the Teaching-Family Model skills and have presented them in a video format. Videos take less than 10 minutes to watch and you can watch them as many times as needed until you feel you’ve got it mastered. A parent, just like you, explains the steps to the skill and helps walk you through using the skill. The videos also include examples of real parents using the skill to help demonstrate how the skill works in a real world situation. Below each video lessons there are additional resources to help parents teach this skill. These additional resources include: testimonials, games, activities, downloads, charts, and additional expert information. We have found that sometimes using an activity or game helps children learn principles better than you just explaining it. These games are fairly simple. We have tried to make these activities simple enough that people can find the materials in their own homes. We invite you to explore the website and find what works for you and your family.

Is this really FREE?

YES. Smarter Parenting is 100% free. It is through our incredible sponsors that we are able to provided our incredible content. If you’ve found Smarter Parenting to be helpful to your family, please considering making a donation. Any amount helps us continue our mission of providing resources that help strengthen families and communities.

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What do I get by signing up with Smarter Parenting?

Becoming a member of Smarter Parenting will give you the following benefits:

    1. A monthly newsletter with inside information about what we are working on
    2. A community
    3. An opportunity to ask questions

Who can use Smarter Parenting?

Smarter Parenting is for anyone and everyone—parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles, counselors, psychologists, etc. The skills on Smarter Parenting are what we like to call “life skills” that can help your child for the rest of their life. The skills work on children of all ages and all backgrounds.

What else are we working on?

These skills work so well with children who have behavioral diagnosis: ADHDAnxietyAutismBipolar, DepressionODDRAD, PTSD, Trauma. The skills are the same but there are some variations that may be more helpful for parents with children with these issues.

We are also working on creating issue specific parenting course that we hope to be able to release in 2018.

What should I do now?

If you want your child and family to buy into using the skills, we recommend you start with something that will be easy for your child to learn. When things are easier up front, your child will be willing to try harder things as they believe they will find success.

Once you’ve chosen on a skill, practice using the skill for at least a week before evaluating how it’s gone. You may need to make tweaks: such a focusing on one of the steps your child is struggling with, changing the motivation, etc. Once you and your child have mastered one of the skills, move on to another skill lesson. Continue until you have finished and watch as your family life improves. So, take one of our lessons for a spin and let us know what you are working on and how things are going.

We look forward to hearing from you. Connect with us on social media or send us an email at [email protected]