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What is FBI Child? A helpful app for parents

What is FBI Child? A helpful app for parents

We often review apps that children and teens are using but we also want to share apps that can be helpful for families. FBI Child is an app that we highly recommend for parents.

Today I’m going to review an app created by the FBI for parents to help them keep important information about their children in case of an emergency. The app is called, “FBI Child ID” and is available on iOs and Android devices. The icon looks like this.

The website for the application states the following:

“A child goes missing every 40 seconds in America. Some may never return home.” That is a scary thought. Preparing yourself, just in case, is always a good idea.

Let’s face it, when there is an emergency that last thing a worried parent wants to do is gather information for authorities that may be misleading or unreliable. Chances are people who are in a stressful situation tend to struggle remembering details.

The best way to understand the application is to walk through it. Let’s take a look.

Things you should know about this app

  • This app is great for parents to easily send information about their child to authorities in case of an emergency. It’s one less thing the parents have to do.
  • The app also provides tips for parents on what to do during the first few crucial hours of an emergency.
  • The password protection option is a great addition to the app in case you lose your phone. No one would want their children’s information available to strangers.

One thing to keep in mind though is that it should be updated as children grow.

The website also includes the following information about how to keep your child safe.

This is a great app to have and for parents to use.

The following 10 tips from the FBI will help keep your children safe:

  1. Make sure that your child knows his/her full name, your full name, your address, and your telephone number(s), including area code(s). Make sure your child knows how to use a telephone and how to call 911.
  2. Do not leave your young children home alone. If you must leave your teenage children at home by themselves, tell them not to answer the door. If they answer the telephone, they should not mention that they are alone but should say that you will be back shortly.
  3. Tell your children to move away from cars that pull up beside them if they do not know the driver, even if the driver claims to know you. If your child is being followed, they should know to run home or go to a safe house or the nearest public place.
  4. Teach your children not to play in isolated areas and not to take shortcuts through empty parks, fields, or alleys.
  5. Let your children know that they should not accept items from strangers or others with out your express permission.
  6. Tell your children that they may contact you at any time to pick them up and where to go if you are not available. Point out which houses in your neighborhood they may visit if they are in trouble.
  7. Never leave your child alone in a public place, stroller, or car, even for brief periods of time.
  8. Accompany your young children to the bathroom in public places.
  9. Go with your children during all door-to-door activities.

Maintain up-to-date identification information on your children at all times, including medical and dental records, Social Security numbers, photographs, etc. Fingerprints and DNA samples also can be collected and stored in your home through the National Child Identification Program Kit (http://www.childidprogram.com/the-id-kit), which is provided by the American Football Coaches Association in partnership with the FBI.

What parents can do with their children

  1. Use the skill of Preventive Teaching to role-play situations that may potentially happen. Help your child set good boundaries.
  2. Be aware and monitor your child’s activities.
  3. Talk to them often about Internet Safety using the skill of Effective Communication. Set up a plan and keep the lines of communication open.

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Until next time, be safe in cyberspace.