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Are you dealing with:

  • Tantrum behaviors?
  • Defiance?
  • Arguing?
  • Kids not following instructions?
  • Lack of motivation?
  • Bad decision-making?

Our parenting solutions website has solutions for your parenting challenges!

Quick guide to Smarter Parenting

Parenting Solutions for specific behavior issues

Learning how to implement the skills for specific problem behaviors can feel overwhelming. These parenting solutions walk you through what to do.

Most popular podcasts among parents

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I learned more in 5 min than I had learned in years of parenting. Our words matter! Thank you!” – Jill

It’s nice to have a place to hear from other families struggling with these tough issues!” – Emily

Even without having an official diagnosis, there are just a lot of gems in this podcast. I feel so encouraged after I hear Siope talk. …very enlightening!” – April

I implemented the advice on this show… …It’s helped me be more understanding and patient with my kid…” – Ellen

Additional support for your parenting journey

Link to skills videos

Skill Videos

Video lessons walking you through each behavior skill, so it’s easy for you to do.

Link to resources for parents

Activities, Charts, & More

Free charts, activities, worksheets you can download, print, color, and mark-up to support your skills implementation.

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Online Parenting Class

An in-depth resource where you can get more individualized solutions and support. Paid resource.

We are the experts to help you make changes

Our parenting websites mission is to heal and elevate lives through proven parenting solutions. We exist to help you heal and improve your family relationships; to give you the happy family life you may have given up hope of finding.

Teaching-Family Model

We teach the evidence-based skills of the Teaching-Family Model. What is the Teaching-Family Model, and how specifically will it help your family?


All struggling families deserve help. As a charity, we rely on sponsors and donations to keep things running and ensure these resources are accessible to ALL families worldwide.

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Unlike some other parenting websites, we are a team of parenting experts dedicated to helping families find solutions and change. We are parents just like you, and we understand the struggles you face.

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